Monday, March 25, 2013


There’s something spooky going on in this vast social media world we live in. We have amateur Mata Haris and Kim Philbys gathering ‘intelligence’ from people’s various accounts – people they don’t even know.  

It’s unnerving that anyone, friend or foe who’s a friend of a Facebook friend can just click and drag away a photo and do as they wish.  Do you really want that picture of you with your eyes crossed compliments of an extra martini circulating? We may not be able to protect our privacy like once upon a time, but if we’re really friends, we can protect each other.

Recently, I almost posted a group picture and one of the women, who is always impeccably dressed had a small wardrobe malfunction, so tiny many wouldn’t have noticed but I did so I didn’t post, and what's more, I didn’t have her permission.

So, I won’t be doing Mata Hari for you. Nor should you do it for someone else. It’s sleaze city. Why would you want to live there?

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