Saturday, March 2, 2013


Dear Miss Guided:

When I extended my hand and introduced myself, I was taken aback by what followed.

You explained to me that you don’t shake hands during the cold and flu season (guess I have to check back with you in the spring or summer) since you meet so many people. As I lowered my hand, you went on to explain that at the moment you weren’t sick. That was a nice touch. It was all about you and not even that you were sick and didn’t want to pass your germs on to me, a client. (See, TALK TO THE HAND)

Sometimes you have to ‘manner’ up and take that hand that’s been graciously extended to you. There’s always the opportunity to give your hands a good washing with soap and water or use some Purell®, it comes in purse size. Whatever you do, use your brain.

I could understand it if we were on a cruise ship where handshaking is discouraged, but we were in a conference room.

I imagine you can meet dozens of people in your line of work. Maybe not as many as POTUS or FLOTUS, but you may want to take a page out of their book, someone gives you their hand you shake it. Your behavior left me shaking my head.

Take care,


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TJB said...

This mania for a completely germ-free environment leaves me (pardon the pun) cold. Regular use of soap and water and common sense have done fine by me. It's simply impossible to completely insulate yourself from all manner of germs and contaminants, and to sacrifice civility and etiquette in the name of germ-phobia will have the desired end effect for those poor, misguided folk, if not in the way they expected: they'll never be in danger of catching germs from someone else, because they will have alienated everyone else around them.