Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Where’s Your Slip?

Time to turn our attentions to a dress code issue. One of our fans recently suggested that we write a post about slips. Remember those undergarments that used to be a must have for any decent girl or woman?  


 Most skirts and dresses are lined but with warmer temperatures fabrics are lighter, more sheer and flowing.  Add a thong to the mix and things begin to get ugly. You don’t really want to sport a wedge due to flowing fabric or have perspiration or bodily fluid spots show due to lack of coverage do you?

Okay, time to go.

Next week, summer dress code hit list.



Anonymous said...

Required loocking back in a mirror before going out! Valeria

KimP said...

@Anonymous, yes this is so true, and this is why it is important to have a full-length mirror. However, I'm afraid that this exposed undergarment look is the intentional fashion these days. *sigh*