Wednesday, May 16, 2012


You see them every day on the subway. They are bold and oblivious. They are the door people. And if you think they will get out or you way to let you on a train or off, for get about it. In fact, you’re in their way.  You do not exist and you’re in their way. And they don’t care about

Recently, Yvette had an encounter with a doorwoman, a nasty piece of work. She couldn’t understand why Yvette had no choice but to push past her to get on the train. Words were exchanged and Yvette got the feeling that this poorly weaved young woman would have resorted to violence.

These are people not to be messed with. They are already telling you who they are just by their actions or lack of. So, the only tip we have for you is a safety tip – keep on moving, don’t say a word.


CandieH said...

Sad but true, I've seen two near altercations on the subway because not only won't people let others out of the train, the door people keep others from getting onto the train. My guess is that doorblockers are people who have been using public transport for years and just don't care about courtesy or they're just in a bad mood. Either way, they're definitely best avoided, lest they make whatever their problem is into a problem for you.

Anonymous said...

Yvette here,

The doorwoman made a disparaging remark about my age along with her physical threat.

She demanded an apology, I told her" that's not happening".

CandieH said...

That's terrible Yvette, sorry to hear that happened. There are some really disturbed people walking around and she was clearly one.

I've noticed that in some cities like in Boston and even in Atlanta, the train conductor will announce instructions for people boarding to allow those exiting the train to leave before entering, also to move into the train and not crowd the door. Sometimes they'll even refuse to leave if someone is blocking an entrance.
If there's ever a situation that tests patience and requires good social etiquette, it is public transportation.