Sunday, January 29, 2012

Busing, According To Yvette

I think I’m a courteous rider; I don’t hog the empty seat next to me with bags. I give up my seat to the handicapped, elderly, pregnant women, and anyone else who should be sitting. If I’m in an aisle seat I don’t have that, “Don’t you even think of asking me to move look.” I do have a pet peeve with some window seat riders.

I’ve noticed that riders just can’t seem to express in words their need to get off when the bus is approaching their stop. Instead, they make over the top gestures such as raising their handbags to my eye level. Their bodies begin to shift as if they’re trying to wiggle out of an uncomfortable undergarment, if all else fails, they stand up halfway, in a curious squatting position.

I tend to ignore all of these machinations until I hear, “Excuse me.” I personally think use of body signing is rude. Just two weeks ago NY was voted as the rudest cities (by tourists). Presumably people think you should know their next move by their body language. Should I drop the book I’m reading, close the newspaper so I can watch for signs that my window buddy is getting off the next stop? I think not.

People appreciate the heads up when I let them know my stop is coming up, sometimes they’ll even ask me if I want to get up at that moment.

If your stop is next, don’t be shy, just say, “Excuse me.”

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe3 someone finally said it! Hand motions are NOT okay. Verbalize. Thank you!