Wednesday, November 9, 2011


“I can’t believe it when perfect strangers come up and touch my baby,” a new mother told us. She understands how people find babies cute and cuddly but touching is a no-no.

• If you know the baby’s parents, offer to wash your hands first before asking, and you should, if you can hold the baby.

• If you’re the parent, there’s nothing wrong with you offering a sanitizer or suggesting that someone wash their hands.

• If you happen to see a cute baby, no need to put your face in the carriage or stroller, and there’s never a need for you to touch the baby’s cheeks or hands. Do so at your own risk.


About Me said...

Yes, I understand this with our new 2 year old, no longer a baby really. But when other people would touch her at liberty bothered me as well. It became particularly bothersome when my daughter turned away or obviously was objecting to such advances. I know people are not intending to be intrusive or unhealthy but being informed is helpful. Thanks. Oscar

Anonymous said...

Strangers would touch Gabriella's curls when she was a baby. She would break down and cry... so annoying. Leave my baby alone!

Marian said...

Before I got very good at saying "please don't touch my baby" I kept a net over my infant son! It looked like I was afraid of malaria or something but it did the trick. By the time my daughter was born, I was quicker with my tongue and would often lecture strangers who tried to touch her (couldn't help myself)...and I always simply asked family and friends to please wash before coming near the baby.