Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Carpooling Dos & Don'ts

1. No eating breakfast sandwiches even if the meat is turkey.
2. No talking on cell phones, you can text.
3. Do not be late.
4. Do not talk incessantly if quiet seems to be the rule.
5. Do not complain about the choice of radio stations or make a request if you haven’t been asked.
6. Do not complain if the driver keeps changing stations and ask, “Why do you keep doing that?”
7. Do not suggest a better location to meet. You have no car; therefore you have no good ideas.
8. Don’t gripe about the cost of the carpool, you didn’t buy a car.

9. Always thank the driver.
10. Don’t complain about lack of heat or air conditioning. If the driver is comfortable, you are comfortable.
11. What’s said in the car stays in the car.
12. If you must gossip, make it about you.
13. Go easy on the cologne or perfume.
14. You don’t have to announce that you’re going to shower after working out in the gym at the office.
15. Understand the pecking order, if you’re new, you sit in the back but never alone in the back seat if there’s no one in the passenger’s seat.


stockgurl said...

I love this...especially the one about
"you have no car...you have no good ideas"

so humorous and so true...keep
it coming !

Anonymous said...

i checked all 3 boxes.
i also think it's impolite to comment on the cleanliness (or lack thereof) of the chariot one's been lucky enough to hitch a ride in.

yvonne and yvette said...


We hadn't planned on. We did profile a car pooler who broke most rules.