Friday, September 2, 2011

Labor Day Weekend - Four Tips for Guests and Hosts

Some of us are going away to be guests in someone’s home. Some of us are staying close to home and either planning a barbecue or going to one.

We chose what we thought were the top four dos for both guests and hosts.


1. If you’re contributing a dish to a barbecue, arrive on time. If you’re an overnight guest, arrive at a decent time.

2. Offer to help but don’t insist to the point of becoming annoying.

3. Always take something (a bottle of wine, a dessert, fruit).

4. Extra guests? Ask first.


1. Make sure you’re ready for your guests when they arrive.

2. Be aware of any food allergies especially if you’re planning on baking a pecan pie.

3. Accept help from guests if they offer but remember they are guests.

4. Instead of over scheduling and planning, let the party or weekend flow at its own pace.


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