Wednesday, June 16, 2010


We’re always receiving tips from our followers. One popular post request is dos, don’t likes and dislikes about restaurants from all perspectives.

From London, a friend who often entertains in restaurants, points out that the person who’s treating gets to sit on the banquette.

A New York bartender says that if your meal or drinks are comped, tip as though you were charged full price.

A former bartender says he’s respectful of closing times. When he tended bar, people thought nothing of coming in near closing hour expecting service as if they had a couple of hours to hang out.

Cathy Treboux of New York’s Le Veau D’or wishes that diners would respect celebrities and not approach their tables for autographs or conversation.

Another restaurateur, Phil Suarez, would like people to stop using their high-falutin’ titles when reserving tables as if it’s going to help. He urges diners to stop double and triple booking, tip fairly and dress appropriately.

A couple, he’s an oenophile, believes that restaurants can do a better job with their wine lists – good wine at more reasonable prices.

And speaking of reasonable prices, one diner was furious when he recently received a huge check that included two glasses of wine at 16 dollars each. “All I’d asked for is a glass of Chardonnay. I should’ve been advised of the price.”

Joy from New York has two pet peeves when it comes to dining out. One is when the wait staff fills a glass to the rim with fancy bottled water and the second, is when a man blows or sneezes into his napkin.

Over pouring of wine to get you to buy the second bottle bothers another friend. And he also wonders why tables for two are usually so close to other tables for two?

Beth, a waitress gets the last word. “The worst thing a customer can do to me is snap their fingers to get my attention. “I am not a dog.”

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