Wednesday, February 10, 2010


On Valentine's Day, expectations run high, so do the prices of roses, dinner and baubles. Last year, we wrote a post of dos and don'ts for Valentine's Day. In light of what's happened in Haiti, we thought it would be trite to discuss the etiquette of Valentine's Day.

We told you about The Sweetest Day, a special day celebrated in Ohio that's not just about bon-bons. Instead of the usual gifts, cards and meals, Ohioans choose this day to do something for less fortunate people. Their lack of fortune has nothing to do with their romantic status. It has everything to do with the fact that many have little to nothing.

It would be inappropriate for us to pressure you into giving for any cause but we have a suggestion - this year, how about we give the many Haitians in distress The Sweetest Day. How's that for a show of love?

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I did enjoy, this one as well as a few I had missed.