Wednesday, August 18, 2010


A funny thing happened on the way to an early morning appointment the other day, a woman on the bus took out her little makeup bag and pulled out her mascara and proceeded to lengthen and thicken right there in her seat. Then, she went digging into her bag and took out a brush and compact. A stop and half later her cheeks had some color to them but not after she used a germ laden hand to even out the application. And so it goes, yet another boundary has been torn down - running late and didn’t get to your make-up? Don’t worry about it, run out of the house and do it on the bus, train or even in your car at the first stop light. 
While putting on makeup isn’t as gross as flossing in public places, (we’ve seen that too, recently at a doctor’s office) it’s still gauche. A toilette should be done in the toilet (aka bathroom) or any other area of your choosing in your home.

Freshening up lipstick at a table or in public seems to be pretty common a friend noted, “But it’s still weird.”

For those of us who suffer from dry skin and can’t stand the sight of ashy hands it seems natural for many to lotion up in public. This is where Yvette and I don’t agree. Yvette doesn’t find it offensive, I don’t either but I do believe it has a tacky factor. I think it should be done discreetly, preferably in a restroom or behind a closed door. Not long ago, I was at the theater and a woman took out a medium sized bottle of lotion and after soothing her dry skin, she offered it to other women who gratefully accepted the bottle. It didn’t look right. What if their legs were ashy? Where does the creamfest stop?

When you see people eating in public and we’re not talking about street fairs and block parties we’re talking about tuna sandwiches on bus and train trips, also slices of pizza, smelly corn and cheese chips and even a gyro while standing on line in the post office, maybe a harried woman says to herself, “What’s a little bit of mascara amongst strangers?”


Anonymous said...

"The Rythm of New York is different from other places. Everyone is in a rush and sometimes we do many things on the go.

I would prefer discretion and cleanliness. Leaving trash behind after a meal on public transportation is disgusting.

Now, I have a huge problem with public nail cutting, flossing and hair brushing!

Anonymous said...

"Although I don't agree with putting on makeup in public and some of the other stuff, this is NewYork - Concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there is nothing you can't do now that you're in New York!"