Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Greedy Chairpersons

New York and other cities have been really nice about offering seats in various public spaces. Most people do what you’re supposed to do with a chair, they sit down. Others sit down and take another chair for their lunch, their feet, their shopping bags, handbags, etc.

Why anyone would spread their lunch on a chair is beyond us. We think it’s nasty. “They looked at me as if I had two heads,” Yvette said. She was in a park and the one available seat in that particular area was occupied by a romantic lunch for two. When she asked the couple if they could remove their lunch, they just looked at her. Yvette left, the lunch stayed comfortably seated.

Seat gluttony happens on buses and trains all the time. Fellow commuters think nothing of resting their weary packages on an empty seat and ignoring the person who’s standing. Our pet peeve is when men, usually younger, (Yvette doesn’t like it when I refer to these types as young punks.) sit with their legs open so wide they take up three seats. They know exactly what they’re doing and their aim is to intimidate. Kill them with kindness. Just say with a smile, “Excuse me, please.” They won't lose their manhood by sitting properly for a few stops.

The next time you take a seat, take one, not two or three.

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