Monday, February 6, 2012

The Email Of No Return

Is there an email in your inbox waiting for a reply? Is it from someone looking for a job? A response is in order.

“Let your fingers to the talking,” says a writer friend of ours, Terry. “It’s simple and easy to be polite – ‘Got your email, thanks.’" Terry suspects that when one doesn’t respond to an email there’s a power thing involved. “It’s a passive-aggressive way of saying, ‘I’m too busy for you.’"

Sometimes it may not be a power play at all. Not everyone is email-addicted. But if you offered your email address for business purposes, do business. Get back to people. The beauty of emails is that they can be brief and honest unlike a double-talking phone call.

If you’re counting on a reply and don’t receive it, before terminal rejection sets in, look in your junk mail box. Good emails are known to end up in bad places, the same goes for the email you sent.

During these difficult times many, are looking for work and a reply goes a long way. No one wants to send nagging emails with the subject line, ‘Just following up’. How much following up can you follow up? So, for those of you holding the cards or are just too fabulous and too busy to reply, remember, these days tables aren’t just turning, they’re spinning and it could be you in email hell tomorrow.

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